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Author: David Milliken Michel     Sydney, Australia

01     Descendants of Thomas Milliken (1768 - 1845) and Jane Hill (1773 - 1839) Family Tree
02     John Milliken and Family
03     Christmas Letter 2003
04     Descendants of John Milliken & Anne Russell
04.1    Russell Milliken & Florence Mawhinney
01  Descendants of Thomas Milliken (1768 - 1845) and Jane Hill (1773 - 1839)
Family Tree
Henry James Shaw Milliken 1962
Margaret (Gretta) Milliken
John Milliken
Anne Milliken
Ian Milliken
Keith Milliken
Russell Milliken
Judith Milliken
Ruth Milliken
02 John Milliken & Family
John Milliken is the great-great-grandson of Thomas Milliken and Jane Hill and son of Henry John Shaw Milliken and Margaret (Gretta) Dickey who originated from Islandmagee. John is married to Anne Russell and they have five children: Ian, Keith, Russell, Judith and Ruth. John lived in the USA for two years and studied at Ohio State University and returned home to Greenisland in 1972.
John Milliken and family in 1987
Left to right: Keith, Ian, Russell, Judith, Anne, John and Ruth
John Milliken and family in 2002
Left to right: Ian, Russell, Keith, Anne, John, Judith and Ruth
Margaret (Gretta) Milliken nee Dickey, mother of John Milliken and was married to Henry John Shaw Milliken
A David Milliken and Robert Milliken Production 2003
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

James and Helena emigrated to Australia in 1892 and settled at Darawank NSW where James became a pioneer in farming. James and Helena had nine childen and their descendants number fifty plus eighteen partners as at 14 June 2003.
Link to James and Helena Milliken and the Australian descendants
John Milliken and Family
Henry James Shaw Milliken and Family - 1930 to 1962
The family house at Loughhead possibly around the 1930's with considerably less trees and shrubs than in the 1950's and 1960's.
(Rev) Thomas Boyle Milliken and Henry James Shaw Milliken on the hill above the Loughhead house, around 1930.
Henry James Shaw Milliken and his wife Gretta on their way to Sunday church in 1949.
Henry James Shaw Milliken, Gretta and their children John (8), Elsie (6) and Mona (1) on a trip to Newcastle, County Down, in 1954.
Taken against a backdrop comprising a whitewashed barn wall at the Loughhead property in 1962, Henry James Shaw and John (16);
Mona (9); Elsie (14) and Gretta.
Henry James Shaw Milliken in 1960 aged 63.
This page has been updated following the author's visit to meet his family in Northern Ireland in August 2013. However, there remains much updating of families with research onging and the work very much in progress.

The family tree immediately below will replace the original tree to the left on this page. Both have been retained whilst updating continues. The original tree will eventually be withdrawn.

Note that the Australian Milliken family is now incorporated into the revised tree whereas the orignal tree had a link to the Australian family.

For a 'Left to Right' edition of this Family Tree Chart take the following link. The PDF file when opended will need to be enlarged to 400% in Adobe Reader in order to maximise resolution.
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Descendants of
Thomas Milliken (1768-1845) &
Jane Hill (1773-1839)
Chart Drawn by David Milliken Michel
Sydney, Australia
22 October 2013 
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