Milliken Family
Islandmagee, Northern Ireland
04.1 Russell Milliken and Florence Mawhinney
04 The Hills & McIllwain's of Islandmagee
Helena Hill married James Milliken on Islandmagee in 1885 and they immigrated to Australia to commence their lives in farming at Darawank NSW. James had left his home on Islandmagee some years earlier to establish a farm in Australia but returned in 1885 to find a bride willing to make a home and family in Australia with James.

A family tree follows of the Hill family on Islandmagee, Northern Ireland
News from Australia
June 2013
Susan Milliken from Sydney Australia made a visit to Northern Ireland in 1964.

The images below were supplied by Susan to the author, are descendants of the Hill family and appear in the family tree above.
Samuel 1905-1980 & Kathleen (nee Greenfield) Kane
The Point, Islandmagee 1964
William Kane, Mary McIlwain (nee Kane – Robin’s mother) & John Kane (Mary’s Brother)

Susan Milne, Ernest Milne OBE, Helena Milne (nee Harkness) & John Milne

Ernest Milne OBE, Gilbert Harkness & John Milne

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