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Milliken Family Genealogy
David Michel-Milliken Sydney 11 September 2002
A genelaogy on the descendants of James Milliken and Helena Hill who immigrated to Australia from Northern Ireland (Islandmagee) during the late nineteenth century and settled into farming at Darawank in the Failford New South Wales district.

James Milliken
Helena Hill
Mary Elizabeth Milliken
Anna Hill Milliken
William Millar Milliken & Thelma Amelia Thompson
David Milliken-Michel & Anne Denise O'Shea - 17 January 1981
Timothy Inness Michel
Damian Evan Michel
James Archibald (Tim) Milliken
Stanley James Milliken 1945-1995
John Colville Milliken 1900-1911
Robert Hill Milliken
Thomas Millar Milliken & Unconfirmed
Helena Margaret (Jean) Milliken
Helena Mary
David Harkness Milliken
Robert Henry David Milliken
Susan Kathleen Milliken
Alexandria Lilas Breckenridge
John Malcolm Milliken
James William Robert Milliken
Descendants of James Milliken and Helena Hill
From Left to Right
Top Row: Mary Milliken, Anna Milliken, William Milliken, James (Tim) Milliken, John Milliken, Bob Milliken, Tom Milliken, Helena (Jean) Milliken, David H Milliken & James Milliken.
Second Row: Stan Milliken, Aileen Karlson, Alex Breckenridge, David R Milliken, Thelma Thompson, John Milliken, Patricia Erskine, Anne O'Shea, Thelma Cross, Robert Milliken, Sue Milliken, Helena Hill
Third Row: Eleanor (Nell) Bryan, Margaret Finnan, Tim Michel, Damian Michel, James W Milliken, Helena Breckenridge, Barry Milliken, Alice Wooster, Paton Breckenridge, Troy Temple, Cassandra Temple, Colin Temple, Patricia Milliken.
Fourth Row: Rosemary Milliken,Darren Males, Adam Males, Wayne Manwaring, Elizabeth (Beth) Milliken, Daniel Milliken, Jane Milliken, Victoria Milliken, Whitney Milliken, Kurtis Milliken
Fifth Row: Allica Males, Jessica Manwaring, Blake Manwaring, Mark Milliken, Kellie Tonks, David M Milliken, Susanne Young, Jeremy Cooper, Michaela Cooper, Duncan Blakey, Travis Milliken, Joel Temple.
Bottom Row: Carissa Males, Brenten Males, Gabrielle Manwaring, Richard Lucas, Andrew Lucas, Benjamin Milliken, Sarah Milliken, Bruce Lucas, Arthur Cooper, Joanna Cooper, Alex Milliken, Deborah Smith & Tim Milliken.
A David Milliken & Robert Milliken Production

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The schedule is a list of all the descendants of James Milliken & Helana Hill including their respective partners. The schedule contains eight columns, described briefly as follows:

Col 1. The consecutive number is assigned for reference only. There are seventy entries equating to James & Helana, plus fifty descendants and eighteen partners.
Col 2. The collage has six rows. Column 2 assists in locating the photo in one of the six rows.
Col 3. This column places the photo to a particular postion within each row, counting from the left.
Col 4. The 'Henry' number is the genealogical number unique to each descendant. The first digit [1] refers to James & Helena. The second and subsequent digits places the person in birth sequence through each generation. This should be read in conjunction with the family tree.
Col 5. The family name for each descendant and partner.
Col 6. The given or Christian names for each desendant and partner.
Col. 7 Date of birth - most partners not yet supplied.
Col 8. In some cases the age in the photo is known but in other cases the age has been estimated. The year the photo was taken is calculated by adding the age in the photo to the year of birth.

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