Milliken Family
James Milliken and Helena Hill

The early years - Island Magee Northern Ireland
Immigration to Australia
Pioneering & settlement in Australia
Darawank NSW

Obituries for James Milliken and Helena Hill appeared in newspapers shortly after their passing.
MR. JAMES MILLIKEN January 1936 - 31 December 1935

The late Mr. Milliken was born in County Antrim, Ireland, 78 years ago. Being of an adventurous spirit, he came to Australia when quite a young man, fearing not what might be in store for him in the new land of the Southern Cross. He came from stock which knew no fear and has transmitted that characteristic to his descendants. Amongst other places where he settled in those far-off years, he was at Tenderfield for a period and then moved to Sydney where he joined the police force. However, the latter was only a means to an end, for he had the desire to get on the land and exercise the pioneering spirit which was in him. Returning to Ireland, he married Miss Helena Hill, some 43 years ago, and then returned to Australia, determined to carve out a home for himself in this young and partly settled land. He purchased land at Darawank, and added to it from time to time, until when he died he had a very comfortable holding, on which he reared a fine family. There he spent the whole of his remaining life, in general farming and dairying. He took a very active and very intelligent interest in the development of those problems which particularly concern farmers. He was a director of the Dyer's Crossing butter factory in the old days, and when there was a movement to erect a factory at Tuncurry to serve the dairymen of the Cape Hawke watershed he joined in the movement and was a material help in the establishment of same. Naturally, he was elected to the board of directors and remained in that position till the end. A few months ago, he sent along his resignation, as failing health would not allow him to attend to the duties, but his fellow directors had such a deep conviction of what he had done for the society in the heyday of his life that they declined to accept the resignation, hence he died in the harness. He was chairman for a number of terms. He was also an active member in bygone years of the Wallamba District A. and H. Association, and was for a time a member of the committee. By all three bodies he is very kindly remembered for the assistance which he gave them. He was also a member of the Loyal Orange Lodge of very long standing, and this body had no more steadfast member than the late James Milliken. No one who knew him was in doubt about where he stood in any matter. He had his opinions and the courage to give voice to them in courteous but definite language, but he could not be called in any sense of the word a bigot, for he gave others the right to have their convictions, whether they agreed with his or not. The late Mr. Milliken was a man whose word was his bond, and before he gave his word it always had mature consideration. It was these characteristics which made him esteemed wherever he was known. Honesty of purpose and purity of life were his strong convictions, and he lived up to them as much as man could. Thus he passes into an honoured grave in the land of his adoption and far from the land of his nativity, to which his life was an outstanding honour. About twelve months ago the subject of this notice was first visited with bad health. Two months ago he became seriously ill and was taken to Mayo Private Hospital, Taree, where he remained until he passed away, as stated. In addition to a widow, deceased leaves the following family: Mr. James Archibald Milliken, Nabiac; Messrs. William Millar Milliken, Robert Hill Milliken and Thomas Millar Milliken residing at Darawank; and Mr David Harkness Milliken, of the staff of the Bank of N.S.W, Coff's Harbour; Miss Mary Elizabeth Milliken, teacher at Katoornba; and Misses Hannah [Anna] and Helen Margaret, at home. One son died at the age of 11 years. He had no relatives in Australia, but there are a number in Ireland. The remains were laid to rest on New Years Day in the Failford cemetery, where the Rev. H. S. Parsons (Presbyterian minister) officiated. Mr W. T Howard was the undertaker.

21 October 1944

Mrs Helena Milliken, widow of the late James Milliken, passed away on Friday, 21st October [1944], at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Paton Breckenridge, 33 Tillock Street, Dobroyd Point, Haberfield. Her maiden name was Helena Hill, and she was a native of Ulster, born in Islandmagee, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, 72 years ago. She was one of a family of seven, having four sisters and two brothers. She was married in Islandmagee to James Milliken, who had returned to Ireland from Australia, where he had made a home on his selection, Sunny Bank, Lower Wallamba River. They immediately set out for Australia, arriving on Anniversary Day, 1893 and commenced farming on their property Sunny Bank, which is still in the hands of the family. Mrs Milliken was always interested in her husbands work, both personal and public. The family consists of there [three] daughters and six sons, viz., Mary (Sydney); Anna (at home); Margaret (Mrs. Paton Breckenridge); William (Newcastle); James (Nabiac) John (deceased). Robert (at home); Thomas (Tuncurry); and David (Wingham). The remains were cremated at Rookwood Crematorium on Sunday, 22nd October [1944[, after a short service at the home, conducted by Rev. Hunter and Rev. Bowen.

A David Milliken and Robert Milliken Production

James and Helena Milliken Circa June 1902
From left to right - standing: James Archibald (Tim); Family Nanny; Mary Elizabeth; Anna Hill
sitting - Helena and James
Front row: Robert Hill (Bob); William Millar (Bill) & John Colville
Darawank School around 1909
Milliken Family Guestimates - [compare to photo above]
Back Row: Fifth from left - Tim Milliken (11)
Centre Row: - Sixth from left - Anna Milliken (14)
Front Row: Third from left - Bob Milliken (7)
Cream boat on the river at Darawank - around 1911
Could this possibly be all six Milliken brothers???
William (15), Robert (9), David (3), John (11), James (13) & Thomas (8)
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