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Cream boat on the river at Darawank - around 1911    What is believed to be all six Milliken brothers
William (15), Robert (9), David (3), John (11), James (13) & Thomas (8)
Comments on the above Photo

There appears to be a small child sitting toward the back of the boat dressed in a tunic and a straw boat hat. This  could be a girl and based on ages, may be Jean as she would have been aged four when this photo was taken.
Left to right: Mary, unidentified, possibly Helena, Jean, unidentified, Anna & James, Circa 1920
Comments on the above photo

James and Helena's three daughters Mary, Jean and Anna, are unmistakable. However, it is unknown if Helena was in this photo. If Helena is in the photo, it is unlikely to be the women second and fifth from the left; so this leaves the woman third from the left. Compared to the inset photo taken in 1902, there is a resemblance, but it is not at all definite. Now who are the other two women. Of course James is also unmistakable as the sole male surrounded and outnumbered by the girls. And where are all the boys.
A David Milliken and Robert Milliken production, Sydney Australia, 2004.

Helena 1902