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131 David Ross Milliken-Michel
David Ross Milliken was born in Newcastle NSW to William Milliken and Thelma Thompson on 27 January 1943.

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David married Anne Denise O'Shea on 17 January 1981 at Killarney Heights NSW.

Selected photos from the occassion appear below:
Rose O'Shea, David, Anne and Chris O'Shea
Wally - Best Man, Anne, David and Debbie
Wally, Debbie, Anne and David 17 January 1981 Killarney Heights NSW
David and Anne prior to departing for their honeymoon at Dunk Island - noting the Rolls of course
Timothy Inness Michel's Christening at Terry Hills on 17 January 1982, David & Anne's wedding anniversary - David, Tim, Anne, Wally & Aunt Dorothy
Photo Gallery 2003
Photos in early 2003 beginning with my 60th birthday celebration, then on to visiting friends on the central coast NSW.
Sue, Robert and yours truly lunching at J P Bastiana Restaurant and Wine Cellar in Market Street Sydney on Thursday 19 December 2002 to celebrate Christmas. Photo courtesy of Robert Macfarlane.
Anne, Damian and Tim Michel taken at Damian's high school, Asquith Boys High, at the close of 2002.
Yours truly's 60th birthday celebration at Baxter's Restaurant North Turramurra in January 2003. From left: the birthay boy, David Cooper, Tim, Anne and Glenis & Daniel Vanchope.
Another evening at Baxter's Restaurant with Wally Baer and Peggy who were unable to join us at the January 2003 birthday celebration.
Visiting friends on the cenral coast NSW in April 2003. From left: Dianne, Charles, Rebecca, Anne, Queenie, Edmond & yours truly
Earlier Period - 1960's and 1970's
David Milliken on Hayman Island January 1962 during a fancy dress party showing sons Tim & Damian (inset) taken in Japan in September 2003
David Milliken taken on his track bike at New Lambton NSW in July 1970
A David Milliken and Robert Milliken Production 2003

Two dudes on Hayman Island 1962
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