Milliken Family
Australian Descendants
of James Milliken and Helena Hill

18 Helena Margaret (Jean) Milliken
18 Helena Margaret (Jean) Milliken

Helena Milliken was born on 24 May 1907 and was the eighth child to James Milliken and Helena Hill. Helena became known as 'Jean' and was raised at the farm at Darawank and married Paton Breckenridge of Forster NSW and subsequently moved to Sydney. Jean and Paton had two daughters, Helena and Alexandra and five grand-children, Richard and Andrew to Helena and Jeremy, Joanna and Michaela, to Alexandra.
Jean Milliken photographed in what appears to be a group school photoshoot at around age eight years.
Jean Milliken photographed outside the then new Homestead at Darawank when she would have been around sixteen years of age. 
Jean Milliken photographed at Sydney University following the graduation ceremony of her Nephew, Robert Milliken.
A David Milliken & Robert Milliken Production