Milliken Family
David Milliken Michel - Sydney Australia
with contribution & assistance from Morris (Monty) Milliken - New Zealand
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Four photos to follow were supplied by Morris (Monty) Milliken and form the basis of the Photo Gallery to be developed progressively. Additional research has produced important military records and images.
A family portrait of William Hugh Milliken (1860-1938) (Morris Milliken's grandfather) his wife Emily Dora nee Morrissey) and five of his seven children. In the back row the children are, from left to right - Alexander, Edward Hugh (Pat), Dora Elizabeth and Morris James. Front row - Thomas. The portrait would have been taken before 1903, the year of birth of Alan John Milliken the sixth child. The last child was William Morrissey Milliken born in 1910.

Morris (Monty) Milliken (C1944) a compiler of the Milliken Family History in New Zealand and great-great grandchild of James Milliken (1795-1837) and Catherine Hilditch (1763-1812) whose grandchildren  John and William Hugh Milliken emigrated to New Zealand from Islandmagee (Northern Ireland) in around 1881.
A portrait of Morris Milliken's first cousin once removed (Alexander Milliken's - Monty's father's first cousin) taken shortly before his death at the age of 104. His decorations were the Military Medal (MM) First World War, Member of the NZ Order of Merit (MNZM) shortly before his death, Efficiency Decoration (ED) peace time service I should think, Legion d'Honneur and Croix de Lorraine both awarded shortly before his death by France for service in France during the First World War. His (military) funeral order of service puts them as follows lieutenant Colonel Lawrence Morris Blyth MM, MNZM, ED, Legion d'Honeur, Croix de Lorraine. His name appears in Section 6 The Kanes, Morrisseys and Blyths.
Seated: Lieutenant Morris James Milliken (1892 - 1915) Uncle of Morris (Monty) Milliken and son of William Hugh Milliken (1860 - 1938) and Emily Dora Morrissey (1868 - 1931).

Standing: Private Andrew Jackson Blyth a cousin to Morris James Milliken.

In 1964, Alan John Milliken of Patumahoe, New Zealand, distributed a wide ranging family history entitled The Millikens of Ballymoney and the Millikens of Temple Effin, Islandmagee, Northern Ireland. Those of us who are involved in the preparation of the present site acknowledge with gratitude the contribution made by Alan to their understanding of their history and origins. They are sure that he would have welcomed their drawing upon and updating his work.

Morris (Monty) Milliken of Auckland, using Alan's work as a basis prepared a supplement in 1997 and further updated the work in 1998 and 1999.

Monty worked with David Miliken of Sydney and the James Milliken familly is  being further developed. It is hoped to have most of the descendants of James identified to the current day in the near future.
A David Milliken Michel Production 2013

Family Tree: Descendants of James Milliken (Mulligan) 1759 – 1837 & Catherine Hilditch 1763-1812 Northern Ireland
Drawn by Genealogist & Family Tree Chart Compiler  David Milliken Michel Sydney, Australia 08-11--2013 V05 Reunion 9 AppleMac
61 2 9477 3865      0412 583 865

NOTE: Work in Progress. Corrections and updates needed for the Tenth Generation

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Some of the family tree charts appearing on this website are low in resolution owing to the large size of the charts containing in the order of some 900 names. Links have been provided to PDF files where the resolution issues has been addressed.

In the case of James Milliken (1758-1837) see the chart below, two links take you first to a PDF file tha presents the chart in left-to-right format and when opened needs to be enlarged to 1500% in Adobe Reader. The second link is the same chart but in a waterfall format and needs to be enlarged to around 2300% in Adobe Reader.

A Supplement to the Study made by
Alan John Milliken in 1964
Revised and Reprinted July 1998
Also August 1999
Compiled by Morris Milliken
Auckland 1996/97
Facsimile of the cover of the study that Morris (Monty) Milliken assembled in 1996-1999. The work is scheduled to be reproduced in part or in whole on this page at some future date
Page 06NZ - James Milliken (1758-1837) New Zealand Branch
David Milliken Michel, the author of this site, collaberated with Morris (Monty) Milliken to update the New Zealand descendants of James Milliken (1758-1837). The work continues.
Second Lieutenant Morris James Milliken proudly sits with his men from the 4th Troop, 4th Waikato Mounted Rifles. Although this photo has no date, it is fairly certain that this image of the men is taken during training in Egypt between December 1914 and April 1915, as many of the men pictured here were killed or wounded in the following months on Gallipoli. Among those killed was Morris Milliken during the disastrous attack to capture the heights on August 8th 1915.

Military Profile of Morris James Milliken (1891-1915)
Roll of Honour located in the Tirau District 1914-1918, Tirau Museum, New Zealand, noting two other Milliken's are possibly brothers of Morris: Alexander Milliken (1893-1954) and Edward Hugh (Pat) Milliken (1894-1939)
Heather Anne Milliken, Auckland,
New Zealand in Tokyo, Japan, 2009
Ian Garth Milliken, New Zealand, father of Heather Anne Milliken
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